Beef burger sandwich

I have been trying to make homemade meatball ever since we got back from Istanbul 3-4 weeks ago, because we were so in love with Turkish meatball, kofta (or kofteh). But instead of kofta, I found myself end up making beef patty because one night we were craving for burgers, and we were too lazy to get a cab and go somewhere else, haha! It was great, so I made a bunch of beef patties, and keep it in my freezer.

Right now we have a long weekend here because of Easter, so I keep myself productive at home by making this video (other than doing homework from my Arabic class, of course). I didn’t know that video making is actually fun, although this one is far far away from perfect, but I’ve got smitten to making it so I guess more videos are coming Insha Allah.

In this video, I’m sharing how I make a simple beef sandwich, complemented with egg salad. You can also add sliced cheese on top of the patty, but because this patty

is already quite salty so I skipped the cheese. Time needed from making the toasts up to presenting them on the plate was around ~20-25 minutes, so this is great for breakfast or brunch 🙂


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