Pan-cooked Lasagna

مرحبا (marhabaa= hello)

زوجي (zawji= my husband) and انا (Ana= I) always get excited every time we see lasagna whether in some restaurants’ displays or in articles that are going around on the internet (yep, we follow plenty of food-related pages on the internet).

Back in Jakarta, زوجة ابن خالي (zawjah ibn khali= the wife of the son of my maternal uncle* a.k.a my cousin’s wife) made the tastiest lasagna ever. We liked to order her lasagna as it was also only one WhatsApp away. I have always wanted to make one but we had no oven in our apartment in Jakarta. And it turned out that our apartment here also has no oven, lol!

One night زوجي saw this recipe for skillet lasagna on Facebook, which looked easy and yummy. It inspired me to explore more recipes on the internet and I found that the recipes are actually quite flexible, some of the recipes don’t even use lasagna pasta in it. So considering that I have shell pasta in my kitchen, I decided to make a pan-cooked lasagna out of it.

You can see how I made it in this video, but as I said, this recipe is quite flexible so you have some room to improvise;

  • In this video I used cooked minced beef, just because I have it in my fridge. If you are using raw minced beef, you can sauté it first before adding in the onion. I usually sauté the beef with a bit of ginger and bay leaves.
  • Here I use uncooked pasta and I kinda boil them in the sauce, just because it is more efficient for me instead of having to boil the pasta first, then drain them, then wash the pan and the drainer, and so on and so forth. Usually it takes 8-10 minutes to boil the pasta with water but here it took me 15 minutes, because of the sauce I guess.
  • If you have lasagna pasta in your house, of course you can use them instead of shell pasta. Simply cut each of them into three or four cuts so that you will have bite-size pasta.
  • Here I use foil to cover the pan just because my pan here doesn’t have a lid, so if yours do then just use the lid.
  • Usually this kind of pasta does not use chili powder, but I add a bit of it anyway, quite instinctively, because I need chili in my life hahah!

Finally, have a nice try on this recipe. No oven, no pan lid, but you want to make a lasagna? No problem! or here we say: ما قي مشكلة  (maa fii musykila) 🙂

* Yes, that’s how it’s done in Modern Standard Arabic 😀

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