We were at Moon Jedha

اهلا بكم ! (Ahlan bikum! = Welcome you all!)

Yesterday both of us were so busy studying that we didn’t realize that it was our wedding anniversary until it was late at night. So we figured to watch Star Wars: Rogue One while munching snacks in bed to celebrate. (Yes, we hadn’t seen this movie until yesterday as we were so busy preparing our moving to Amman when it was shown on the cinema)

During the scene where the movie shows Moon Jedha, the place where Saw Gerrera resides, we felt so familiar with the scenery. It turns out that scene was taken in Wadi Rum, Jordan, a place that we visited a couple months ago!

Our trip to Wadi Rum was breath-taking. It really stunned us with its nature beauty. The moment you go into the area, it was as if you were no longer on earth!!! (Well, at least it is very different from Jakarta or Bogor, the cities where I used to live in Indonesia). The desert view was superb, orange-ish rocks and sand dunes with a background of clear blue sky. We spent our whole afternoon exploring the desert riding on the back of a 4×4 pick up truck and stopping at several spots.

The night was super cold when we were there, but when we looked up onto the sky, it was full of stars, literally full of stars! We tried to take pictures of the stars but we could not capture them well with our smartphones and camera, I guess you need a more professional camera and some skill to be able to capture the beauty. If you are curious, there are plenty of images on google, search for “wadi rum stars at night”.

So we were reminiscing our times in Wadi Rum, hence this video is born. Enjoy! And if you ever have a chance to visit Jordan, we really recommend you to visit Wadi Rum!

Last but not least, be prepared for some cheesy Arabic lines;

عيد زواج سعيد يا حبيبي، حب حياتي، قبطان قاربي

transliteration: eyd zawaaj sa’eid yaa habibiy, hubb hayaatiy, qabthan qaaribiy

translation: happy wedding anniversary darling, love of my life, captain of my boat

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