Double-fried Garlic Chicken

! مرحبا (marhabaa! = Hello!)

Have you ever tried making fried chicken expecting it would be nicely crisp but instead they got soggy within minutes after being fried? I had it all the time until I found out that it has to be fried two times!

The tips is so simple and yet it really does makes a different. The chicken in this recipe was made at night and it stayed crispy until the next morning (I was curious so I left some for breakfast).

Unlike my usual cooking, this recipe is not spicy at all. I made them when we had friends visiting and it was so good so I made them again to munch on while studying (oh well, you know, studying and snacking can never be separated :p)


  • I used 2 chicken breast fillets for 2 servings
  • I only coat the chicken into the flour for one time only, but it you want to have it thicker, do it two times.
  • This is also great for bento, but if you want to make it for children who can’t take spices yet, perhaps skip the pepper.


I hope you enjoy the recipe in this video.

! مع السلامة (ma’assalaamah! = goodbye! Literal translation: “with safety”).


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