Finished Fusha Arabic level 2!


Last week my Arabic class in Qasid for level 2 MSA has been finished. Students were told to make a 5 minutes video as their final project so I made this one.

This is not the one I originally presented to my teachers though, because I had some mistakes so I made several revisions and improvements here and there, although I’m sure it is highly possible that there still are errors in this version as well (oh well, maa fii musykilah!)

There is one thing I’d like to share a little bit in more detail, which is when I talk about the book we use to study Arabic here. In the video I said that “the beauty of this book is that it gives basic knowledge first but then it gives more and more information as we continue learning on it.” Well of course! That’s what happen when we read any book, lol! But what I meant to actually say is that this book introduces the rules in Arabic bit by bit, so it gives you the most basic ones in the beginning and then from there it kinda build your knowledge by introducing more and more complex rules.

In my mind I have always thought that Arabic is one of the hardest language to learn, which I still believe is true. But because they introduce the rules bit by bit starting from the very basic ones, it was very helpful in a way that it makes the early period of me learning Arabic from scratch was not as overwhelming as I thought it would be.

For example about pronouns, at first we only learnt using the basic ones like I, you, we, they, them, he, she. But then several chapters later there’s a rule for dual feminine and masculine. Then later there’s another rule for plural feminine. Then later there’s another one so that after several months we use the whole set of pronouns of Arabic. So by introducing the rules bit by bit, I guess it also helps to make it stick to our mind better, because at least we were already used to the basic ones.

Because of my still-very-limited Arabic I could not explain it thoroughly in the video but I want to convey the message better through this post.

Well, that’s it for this post. I think it is interesting to share this. Hope you enjoy the video!


Oh yes, be careful you might want to vomit at 00:36 and 3:13. I myself find my face and voice kinda annoying, especially in 3:13 where I could not stop looking at the roof while trying to spit out the Arabic words from my mouth! But I thought it will be good to show my progress so I put it in anyway. So you’ve been warned alright!

Ma’asalamah lakum!



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