#arabicoftheday 003 : foods

Today, we decided to have a lunch date with local cuisines instead of delving in our books for a while 😝
#arabicoftheday : foods = مأكولات
الحُمُص والبابا غانوش بَعض من اَشهَر المأكولاتِ في عمّان، و يَبدو أنّ كلُّ مطعمٍ لَهُ أسلوبهُ الخاص لِذلك الطعمُ مختلفٌ قليلاً قي اَماكنٍ مُختلفةٍ
(Hummus and baba ganoush are some of the most popular foods in Amman, and it seems that every restaurant has their own style so the taste is slightly different at different places)


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