Turkey Bus Trip Part 1

Alhamdulillah we have the opportunity to visit Turkey one more time.

Our previous visit was a 10-day trip in Istanbul (it was so beautiful, I’ll write about it in another post Insha Allah), so this time we want to explore other cities than Istanbul.

We needed more than a week to set up the itinerary, because Turkey is huge, and every city in it seems interesting to visit, hence we had a hard time choosing which places to go to. After researching and having plentiful insights from our Turkish friends (we love you!), we ended up with this plan: flew from Amman to Ankara, then catch a bus to visit Cappadoccia, Gaziantep, and Alanya, and then Istanbul, in which we’ll depart from there to Jakarta.

Turkey has a lot of airports, and the price of domestic flight here is actually relatively very affordable, so at first we thought we can just take the plane instead of bus. But it turns out that most of our destinations don’t have direct flight. For example, to go from Gaziantep to Alanya we need to transit at Ankara for several hours hence it requires longer time compared to taking a bus. And also, we hope that by traveling by bus we’ll be able to enjoy Turkey’s sceneries at its best šŸ™‚

One thing to consider about taking a bus trip is that the easiest way to purchase the ticket is, I guess, by coming to the bus terminal instead of making online purchase that can usually be easily done with planes. So we came to Ankara not having the bus ticket on-hand, not knowing whether we can get the ticket or not, and hoping that the bus terminal stays open at night after our arrival in Ankara. Well, we did some research on the bus options so at least we know which bus provider we aim for.

So we arrived in Ankara, took a bus from the airport to downtown, got off at the closest terminal to the hotel then take a cab. Taking the bus from the airport was very convenient, and less pricey than taking a taxi of course. The easiest way to do it is ask the hotel which terminal is the closest, in our case its Kizilay, then ask the bus driver if they go to that place. In Ankara’s airport, after getting out of the building, the bus terminal is on the right. Then we simply found the driver and asked “Kizilay?”, he pointed out another bus, so we went there and asked again “Kizilay?”, and that’s it, he put in our luggages and we sit comfortably in the bus. The cost is 11 TL per person, taking a taxi would have cost us 90 TL (taxi price is even higher at night).

After checking in at the hotel, we went to Asti Bus Terminal, which is a huge terminal, and luckily it opens 24 hours. So we purchased the bus ticket, withdrew some money from the ATMs, shopped and had dinner there as there are plenty of restaurants and mini markets, then we went back to the hotel and rest.


This morning we had Turkish breakfast at the hotel, and in an hour or two we’ll ride the bus to Cappadocia. Wish us luck!



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