Turkey Bus Trip Part 2

Our first bus ride on this trip is from Ankara to Cappadocia, as shared in my previous post.

Out of the numerous bus providers we found here, we ended up using the Nevsehir bus, for 45 TL per person.

Before coming to Ankara, I’ve actually found some information about Nevsehir from the internet and from our friends, and I was not sure that they’ll give good services. But when we were in the hotel in Ankara, we asked the receptionist which bus that goes to Cappadocia, and he said the Nevsehir bus. And when we were in the Asti terminal, which is huge, we asked around and people keep on telling us to use Nevsehir. So we went to Nevsehir counter and bought the tickets.

Some tips, you may want to check billetall.com beforehand to see the available bus providers and schedules.

The next day, we arrived in Asti terminal at 10.30 am, the bus is supposed to depart at 11am, and they did. So, bravo for being ontime, that’s a good start 🙂

The bus itself is awesome! Seat arrangement is 2+1 (double seat on the right + single seat on the left) so its very spacious, even for me (haha).

I guess it is not preferable for women who travel alone to sit with strangers of the opposite gender, so I saw lots of women sit on the single chair, which I think is more convenient because I’d also prefer that if I were traveling alone.

On every seat, there’s a TV; entertainment includes movies, musics, and games. They also provided some snacks and drinks (coffee, tea), but we also had a bunch of snacks and water in our bag so I was not worry about being hungry 😉

The bus stopped once at a rest area for about 15-20 minutes, where there are souvenir shops, restaurant, and toilet. Then we rode again and stopped at Nevsehir city (yes, same name as the bus’s). In Nevsehir terminal, we had to change to a minibus in order to get to Goreme, our final destination in Cappadocia. The minibus is also spacious, clean, and there’s no need to pay additional cost as it should have been covered in the ticket’s price.

Travel duration Ankara-Nevsehir is four hours, and Nevsehir-Goreme is about one hour.

The Goreme otogar is small but beautiful and touristy. Lots of shops, and there are also several bus offices, so while waiting for pick up service from the hotel we bought tickets to our next destination after spending two nights in Goreme.

So that’s how we reached Cappadocia by bus from Ankara. In the next post, I’ll share about exploring the area and the cuisines, insha Allah. We hope sharing our stories and itineraries can be useful for you in case you want to travel to the same destinations 🙂

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