About Us

Hello! Thanks for visiting this page.

My name is Jilly. Me and my husband are from Indonesia. We used to live in Jakarta for quite sometimes but now we are living in Amman, Jordan to learn Arabic language.

We love to travel to enrich our experiences. Local relaxing spots and delicacies are two of our favorite things to explore during our travels.

I cook a lot, because I love it, and both of me and my husband are food enthusiasts who love home food. Perhaps my passion in cooking is partly influenced by my mum, dad and grandma who are hardcore home cooks of traditional West-Sumatran dishes.

As I tend to have what I call “binge cooking”, where I (almost always) cook too much food for 2 people (haha), sometimes I sold lunch boxes and party packages for my friends when I was in Jakarta ^o^. Now that we are living abroad I cook even more, sometimes also for some friendly dinners with our friends here.

We are going to share our travel journals, culinary quests, as well as our journey in learning Arabic language in this blog.

We hope our insights and experiences that are shared through this blog are useful for someone somewhere. Hopefully you have a good time browsing through this blog.



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